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Take A Long Damp Winters Huff Through The Cold Night Of The Solstice, Frozen Chills Will Run Down Your Spine As These Dark Soundscapes Come To Life, One False Move & You Just Might Be Petrified Forever.

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1. Inception
2. A Cold Serenade Evening
3. Nocturnal Solstice
4. Frozen Dreams
5. A Damp Winter Huff
6. A Deep Hibernation
7. The Wretched Awakening
8. Deception
9. The Ghastly Eerie Canal
10. The Crypt Creeper
11. Murder By Numbers
12. The Wandering Spirit

Nocturnal Solstice
Composed & Produced By Mystary
Distributed By Mystary Records
All Songs © 2014 Mystary & Mystary Records

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