• Image of The 13th Floor

Rumor Has It That The Old Abandon Elevator Of Building 2706 Only Stops On One Floor, The 13th, On A Damp Dark Night Like Tonight You Might Just Hear The Operator Whisper "Going Up", But Be Careful, You Don't Wanna Fall To Your Death.

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1. The Haunted Service Elevator
2. The 13th Floor
3. Abstract Memories
4. Room No. 07
5. The Distant Hallway
6. Sinister Nightmares
7. The Unknown Stairwell
8. Spiritual Reflections
9. Deadly Tales From The Crypt
10. Faded Times
11. The Boiler Room
12. Strange Sounds In The Sky
13. Room No. 13
14. An Evil Lullaby
15. Sinister Nightmares (Bumping Remix)

The 13th Floor
Composed & Produced By Mystary
Distributed By Mystary Records
All Songs © 2014 Mystary & Mystary Records

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